History of the Winery

The Winery and cellar of Lou Miranda Estate has all the character of early Mediterranean architecture but was only built in 1999.

Beginning with the mushroom shade of the exterior to the fine bluestone detail of the tower, the colour of the building was matched as closely as possible to the neighbouring Lutheran Church.

The interior detail gives an impression of space and warmth. This is emphasized by the mosaic dog guarding the entrance, wooden floors, unique decorative steel work, Jeroboam light fittings and the recycled wooden beams in the main section of the building.

Maximum use of natural light is a feature from the large windows in the entrance to the leadlights in the tower, skylights over the restaurant and the beautiful filtered light that comes in from the barrel cellar by the bar.

The Entrance



The entrance to the Cellar Door has a mosaic dog featured on the floor. The Miranda family originated from St Giuseppe Vesuviano, located under Mt.Vesuvius and a neighbour to the ancient city of Pompeii.

Before Pompeii was destroyed by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius, it was a thriving shipping port. At the entrance of many homes this mosaic dog was featured. In mythology the dog guarded the home, the occupants and the contents.

We have brought a little ancient mythology to Lou Miranda Estate. The dog will guard our entrance and all those who pass through it’s doors. We have as you will notice added a personal touch - the bunch of grapes at the base of the mosaic.

The Bar

The beautiful curved tasting bar is made from imported Italian granite. This natural stone is timeless and is known as the strongest of the natural stones.

Church Panels

You may notice the beautiful deep rich wine coloured Church panels that line the Mezzanine offices. These panels were removed from St John the Evangelist Church in Halifax Street, Adelaide South Australia in 1998. It was discovered that the original church frieze was still intact under the wooden panels. We were very fortunate that the church decided to remove the panels and restore the frieze

Floor Boards

Our floorboards came from the Port Adelaide Woolstores, South Australia. The dark red outer sections are of our famous West Australian Jarrah & the lighter middle sections are an Australian Eucalyptus hardwood known as blackbutt.



The timber used to construct the trusses is oregon. Oregon is a broad term which encompasses many different species of West Coast North American timber such as Douglas Fir, Hemlock etc. The Oregon came from the old cantilever railway platform at Mile End in South Australia. The platform was constructed around the turn of the century. It was dismantled in January 1997 to make way for the new netball stadium at Mile End. 

The varnished beams lining the ceiling and walls are Baltic Pine. Baltic is a broad term covering imported timber from the Baltic region of Europe. This timber also came from the Mile End Railway Station in South Australia. The beams are over 100 years old and when originally purchased for the winery still had train soot visible from many years ago.

The large square posts which hold up the Mezzanine floor are West Australian Jarrah. They were salvaged from the East End Markets in South Australia when re-development was taking place in September 1997. Apparently they have an even longer history as they had been recycled from the demolition of a woolshed at Port Adelaide




Many guests have commented that the bathroom is the best in the valley. The marble tiles in the bathroom came from Italy in the 60's. The original purchaser changed his mind and they sat forgotten at an Adelaide marble centre. While we were making enquires we fossicked around and found the marble which I’m sure you will agree is stunning.