The Lion's Mark Aged Muscat

Oak Matured

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Tasting Notes


The colour is an attractive dark mahogany red with a hint of amber on the edges.


The abundance of such an array of flavours from Christmas pudding, figs, spices, Muscat fruits, cloves, maple syrup and caramel are all evident.


Luscious sweetness and alcohol carry the dried fruit and spice characters onto the palate giving a warm and generous mouth feel.
Marvel at the intensity of the long persistence and finish without being overly cloy or sweet.


The fruit was picked ultra ripe in the beautiful warm Australian climate to produce an ultra luscious and generous wine. The fermentation is short (1-3 days), and fortified with premium spirit to stop fermentation and retain natural grape sweetness. This is a non vintage Muscat, but has spent many years maturing in the cellar.

Bottle size: 375ml

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