Leone Aged Tawny

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Tasting Notes



Rich henna and dark brick brown.


A beautiful balance of fresh spice, plums and preserved prunes.


The Leone Aged Tawny is a rich luscious tawny, with spice and honey aromas with an aftertaste that leaves a sweet and delicate flavour on the palate.


The fruit was picked ultra ripe and concentrates in the beautiful warm Australian climate to produce an ultra luscious and generous wine. The fermentation is short (1-3 days), and fortified with premium spirit to stop fermentation and retain natural grape sweetness. This tawny has spent many years carefully maturing in big format oak (2500L- 5000L barrels) in our cellar. It is a blend of our best vintages and oldest barrels.


Food matches

The Leone Aged Tawny is a subtle combination of ripe plum and oak aromas and mellow nutty flavours. Nature produces the bountiful raw ingredients that make this aged tawny a relaxing winter fireside beverage or an iced summer apéritif. It is ideal on its own, or with cheeses, dried fruits, nuts and any delicious dessert. It is a must try with decadent dark chocolate The Aged Tawny is beautiful and rare, as with all fortifieds it takes a lot of skill in blending, but this one needs extra attention due to the age of the wine. The result is a smooth rich wine only achieved with skillful, experienced blending by Lou Miranda.

Bottle size: 500ml

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