Lou's Mosaic Wine Club

Experience the Barossa through our range of wines with Lou's Mosaic Wine Club

Lou's Mosaic Wine Club is about providing you with a personalised way to discover our premium range of wines. With a recurring wine club subscription you will receive shipments of your chosen case of wine twice per year. You can access all of the corresponding tasting notes and cellaring information written by our winemakers, and food matching ideas by our chef.

The three packages available range from helping new wine club subscribers experience Lou Miranda Estate for the first time, to offering our seasoned wine enthusiasts carefully selected styles and varieties to add to their cellars. To join or gift wine, simply select the wine club package you wish to experience. Share your wines with friends and family and discover the taste of the Barossa in your own home.

Choose a package

Our three subscription options offer you a wide variety of wine styles to choose from. Each package can be altered to fit your taste. The latest vintage of these wines will remain your standing order until such time as you amend it.

Payment and delivery

Simply select the package you would like to receive and we will do the rest. We will let you know when we are about to automate the payment and you will receive your chosen wine club package once every six months in accordance with your selected delivery request. All allocations will be sent within the selected months after a confirmation period of 2 weeks. Mosaic members will be sent a confirmation email with allocation details including Vintage, delivery details and cost. The confirmation email will be sent prior to orders being despatched giving you 2 weeks notice before payment is processed on the selected credit card.

Please note that we can only ship wine to an Australian shipping address.
Under Australian law you must be 18 years or older to join.