Introductory Wine Course, Part 2


Welcome back to our Introductory Wine Course series!

Last week we did a quick overview of how to look and smell wine. This week we'll look at how to taste wine.

Be sure you have your glass in hand, ready for another interactive lesson!

  How to taste wine - Sip
  1. Take a generous sip of the wine
  2. Where on your tongue is the wine affecting?

  How to taste wine - Swirl in your mouth
  1. Swirl the wine around your mouth to get the full flavour of the wine
  2. Breathe in while the wine is still in your mouth so as to carry the aromas to the back of your throat
  3. What flavours do you taste?

  How to taste wine - Spit it out
  1. After tasting, spit the wine into a spittoon.
  2. What is the aftertaste?

Continue to the next post to learn out to analyse wine to help you describe the flavours, smells & taste you have just experienced.

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