Introductory Wine Course, Part 1


Welcome to our Introductory Wine Course series!

Join us as we take you down the path of how to taste wine, how to analyse wine as well as look at white & red varieties and styles.

This week we'll do start with a quick overview of how to look and smell wine. Be sure you have your glass in hand, ready for an interactive lesson!

  How to taste wine - Look
  1. Pour a small amount of wine in a glass and place it against a white background
  2. What do you see?

  How to taste wine - Swirl
  1. Swirl the wine around the glass to release the aroma of the wine
  2. The wine clings to the side of the glass. The bigger the 'legs' running down the side of the glass the higher the alcohol in wine
  3. How think are the 'legs' on your rim of the glass?

  How to taste wine - Sniff
  1. Place the glass near your nose and take in the aroma of the wine
  2. Can you describe the smells?

Continue this overview in Part 2 of this series.